Online Dating : You only need 3 photos

Here’s  an important dating tip for you when it comes to online dating.

Quite often it’s better to limit the amount of photos you upload.

I’m sure you already know how important a good photo is for making a wonderful first impression.  However, it’s possible to mess things up if you add too many.

Online Dating sites are not supposed to be the place where you store all your favourite photos.   While a good photo or two are absolutely essential, you can ruin your chances by having too many.   It might sound odd but some people are looking for reasons NOT to contact you.   You are only as good as your worst photo. So if you have ten amazing photos and one not so hot one, they’ll judge you on the bad picture and move on.

You might have heard that it’s good to add group shots as it can make you look more popular. However, this can make you look like a player, oddball or even worse – what if they prefer someone else in the photo?

You only really need three photos:

1) A fantastic, smiling “up to date” headshot that looks like you on a good day.

2) A full body shot.  Yes, people are shallow and they want to see your body type.

3) An “active” shot where you are doing something really interesting.  This isn’t just to make you look more exciting, but to give the other person an icebreaker when it comes to getting in touch.

That’s all you need!

Good luck,
James Preece – The Dating Guru

James Preece is the UK’s top dating coach and is the only dating expert who actually works “hands on” in the dating industry.

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