Online dating mistakes to avoid for women

Men and women have different online dating experiences.

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Here is my top online dating advice for women:

1) Write your profile to attract men not to bore them stupid.  Give them a good reason to contact you and make it easy.  You can do this by making sure you don’t make boring statements that everyone else writes.  End with a question or an invitation, which will serve as a “hook” that the men can use to make first contact.

2) Make sure you are on the best dating site.   If you are serious about dating then you need to stay away from casual fun dating sites or other naughty dating websites.  You won’t find your dream man unless you try a serious marriage online dating site.

3)  Give them a chance!   Many men just don’t know what photo looks best, so don’t immediately rule them out.   Take a look at their other photographs as you might well find they have another that shows them in a much better light.

4)  Yes, you can contact the men first.   In fact, it’s something I absolutely recommend.  If you don’t make the first move then you can bet someone else will.  Do you really want them to steal your Mr Right just because you were waiting patiently for him to contact you?

5) You might get inundated.  If you have a stunning photo  and a great profile, you may find you get more emails than you can ever reply to.   The problem is, most will be completely unsuitable matches and they will suck away your time like a vampire. That’s another reason why it needs to be you doing the choosing.   Once you are in control, you can contact the ones you like rather than the leftovers on the site.

Remember, the more effort you put in then the more dates you’ll get out of it!


As a top UK Dating Coach , I’ve been giving women dating advice for the last ten years.  I can help you write the perfect profile, show you which sites are best and what messages men will want to write back to.  Together we can cut out all the time wasters.

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