How to Get Your Ex Back

How do I get my ex back? 

Get Ex Back Fast
Get Ex Back Fast

That’s one of the most common questions I get asked as a Dating Coach.

Break ups are the most painful part of relationships. No matter how strong and deep the relationship was, there often comes a point that both will decide to let go and free themselves from pain. If relationships no longer work, it might be best to end things than prolong the agony of the two persons involved.

However, though couples decide to go on separate ways, it does not necessarily mean that a break up should end things forever. There are still many individuals who believe in second chances and reconciliation so you don’t have to give up hope,  I should warn you that getting an ex back can be as hard and emotionally draining as breaking up with them in the first place.

To get your ex back, it is imperative to try and work out what went from first. Remember that both of you have parted ways once, so before trying to get your ex back, make sure that parting ways will never happen again. If you truly believe that your relationship deserves one more chance and you really want to get your ex back and start all over again, consider the following ways:

Say Sorry If You Need To

You may not be the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend  or husband/wife and you have your own flaws. Although both of you have your own share of mistakes that shattered the relationship into pieces, it is undeniable that you have done and said things that you need to deeply apologize for. Before winning your ex’s heart once again, take time to say sorry for all the things that you have done that caused them pain. This is your only chance to move forward without grudges and bitterness.

Do not Beg

Although you are completely desperate to get your ex back, you still need to maintain your dignity. Avoid begging desperately as much as possible because this will just make your ex feel sorry for you. This act can also make you less attractive. Neediness is never sexy!

Take Things Slow

Don’t try to rush them or make them do anything too quickly. Getting your ex back requires determination, sincerity of intention and most of all, patience. Take things slowly and you will certainly see some positive movement.

Let Go of the Past

Your ex partner probably walked away from you for various reasons. Your past with him or her may not be the sweetest or most romantic probably because the relationship wasn’t perfect for both of you that time. If you want to get your ex back, you need to completely let go of the bitter past. Avoid blaming each other for things that have happened. Make your ex partner feel and truly believe that you have a happy future together. This is the best way to your ex back into your arms again. 

Some people believe that getting your ex back is ultimately impossible. I can tell you as a Dating Expert that this isn’t always true.  Many couples have separated but many also have found a way to get back together and now love each other unconditionally. It is just a matter of using the right techniques and perfect timing.  

Every relationship and story is different, so you need to put together a personalised plan if you want to get a partner back. This is something I can help with as party of my dating coaching sessions.  If you’d like to arrange a meeting then please can in touch with me via my website:

I am considering putting together an ebook or dating course on this subject.  If you are interested, have questions or would like me to include particular information please do add a comment to this blog  

Happy dating!


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