Would you like to learn how to be better on dates ?

Do your first dates never quite lead to a second?

Better at Dating
Better at Dating

As a leading Dating Coach, I know that dating can be incredibly confusing.  You’ll go out on lots of dates, have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing them again. However, you never get that opportunity as they send you a message saying they don’t want to meet up.  You are left wondering what on earth you did wrong.

Or many you are fully aware that you aren’t great on dates. You could be shy or know that your conversation skills completely dry up once you have asked the obvious questions. Nobody can really blame you as nerves can get in the way, but you get frustrated as you want to have second, third and tenth dates.

Don’t worry, these are all things that I can help with.  I’ve had over ten years of experience helping singles overcome common dating problems ( and first date wobbles.)   But in order to do so I can’t just take your word for it.  After all, chances are that you have no idea where you are going wrong.

So I need to do something a little more special to help you learn to be better on dates!

Years ago I used to send my dating coaching clients out on real dates.  Unbeknown to the person they were meeting, I’d be sat nearby in the bar or coffee shop. I’d watch them have their date and then offer my critique afterwards. While this did help them make massive changes, it wasn’t especially relaxing.  Nobody really wants to be watched while they are dating, especially in secret!

So now, in 2015, I offer a revolutionary “mock dating” service that’s proving to be incredibly popular. It’s something only I currently offer and I have men and women of all ages queueing up to take part.

Instead of me sitting there staring at them, my clients go on a date with one of my friendly, trained actors instead.  For one hour ( and one hour only) they both meet for the first time and act as if they are on a real date.  They can flirt, talk and generally have lots of fun.  Afterwards the actor will send me a short but detailed report about what they did right and what they can work on.  The report isn’t to make them feel bad but to identify key areas I can help them improve on.

Perhaps they didn’t ask enough questions or didn’t wear a nice outfit.  Maybe they were late or a little rude.  Whatever happens we will be finally be able to pick up on where you are going wrong. You’ll never make the same mistakes again and moving forward you’ll be better on dates .

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me directly through my dating coach website HERE

Don’t risk blowing your next date – get in touch now and we can help you make it perfect.



I’m also looking to increase my pool of actors that I use for this.  If you are a 20 – 50 year old actor and would be interested in going on on practice dates with my clients, please do get in touch. You’ll be be provided with full training and must be fun, sociable and willing to help people.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

James Preece is an International Dating Expert helping dating coaching clients find love all over the world.