Five point check list for mending a broken heart

Heartbreak will touch most of our lives – it’s sad but it’s true. Unfortunately, regardless of age or the significance of the relationship, mending a broken heart can be a long and painful process. While time is a great healer, there are many things you can do to aid your recovery.

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Shift your focus

Focusing on other areas of your life to distract yourself from the hurt you have suffered in the event of relationship breakdown is an excellent way to handle heartbreak and take care of yourself when you need it most.

Rebuilding your self-esteem by shifting the focus to your health and well-being is highly recommended. Take up a new hobby, resume your workout routine or add a healthier twist to your next grocery trip to kick start the new, single you.

Unleashing your creative side is also a great distraction. Whether you are getting creative in the kitchen with a few experimental dishes or find your place behind a camera or at an easel, unearthing talents, old and new, will give you a much needed confidence boost.

Indulge in ‘me’ time

Taking time out to treat yourself can offer the perfect remedy for a broken heart. Many individuals choose to use this ‘me’ time to freshen up their image with a salon visit or a shopping trip, while others use the time to take on a new challenge. Whatever your indulgence, make time for yourself.

Reflect on your relationship

While distractions take the sting out of heartbreak in the short-term it is important to reflect to truly resolve and move on. Whether your relationship ended mutually or was a one-sided decision, reflecting on the good and bad points of your time together is a must.

Don’t be afraid to grieve for what you have lost, the end of a relationship is often life changing so release those emotions.

Call in removals

Following reflection knowing how to deal with remnants of the times you have shared together is important to getting on the path to recovery. In the midst of raw emotion, many will want to pretend their ex-partner never existed.

However, destroying and removing items that remind you of your relationship are two very different things. Remove the memories from your everyday life but don’t destroy them unless you are completely sure you never want to have them a part of your life in the near or distant future.

Get back out there

Surrounding yourself with new memories is the final step to salvation for those of you looking to heal a broken heart.

While you may not be ready to jump into your next relationship, sharing moments with family and friends will instil the happiness and joy that you may have lost during relationship breakdown and will ultimately give you the strength to move forward. When you’re ready, online dating is a good way to get back on to the scene.

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