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Everyone is married except me
Everyone is married except me

Everyone Else is Married with Children…..

…Or at least that’s the way it can sometimes feel if you are single and keen not to be.  Let’s begin by acknowledging that being single is an incredibly liberating ‘status’…if done right.  You can indulge yourself by doing what you want and when, your time truly is your own, even small mercies such as controlling the TV remote and not battling over the duvet at night are a blessing.  But when you have been single for some time and are keen to settle down and perhaps have a family, this liberating single status can begin to feel overwhelming.

Finding a girlfriend/boyfriend, moving in together, getting engaged, getting married and announcing a pregnancy is the typical route many people will take; and it can feel like a domino effect once the rest of your social set starts to embark on this journey.  Being the only single person at a dinner party, listening to advice from those already in a relationship on how to find a partner as well as being set up on fruitless dates by well-meaning friends are things that most single people have to endure.  Not to mention attending endless engagement parties, hen/stag do’s, weddings and soon after, baby birthday parties.  It’s perfectly normal for the genuine happiness you feel for a friend on hearing the next big announcement, to be tinged with envy or slight despondency if you haven’t met someone recently who could remotely be the one you could begin your own journey with.

One of the biggest social trends to emerge from the 2011 census is the huge rise in the number of single people living in the UK, so if you are single, you certainly aren’t alone.  The team at The London Dating Club has some top tips for those looking for the right person to settle down with:

  1. Being single is by far the better decision than being in the wrong relationship.  Being with the wrong person will stop you meeting the right person.
  2. Find single friends.  Don’t ditch your old friends who happen to be in relationships but reach out and make the effort to meet other single people who you can socialise with.
  3. Increase your chances of meeting the right person.  Whether this is online dating, an introduction company or doing classes – be savvy about which site you join and which classes you do.  For example, you’re unlikely to meet Mr. Right at a Pilates class and Miss Right won’t be at the Whiskey tasting club!
  4. Don’t be your own barrier to happiness.  We all have things we are looking for in a partner but long term singledom can make us picky – ‘I’ve waited this long so I’m not going to compromise now.’.  Try to avoid dismissing a potential date because he or she doesn’t tick the box for certain criteria like hair colour, height or whether he or she does or doesn’t do certain hobbies.  After all, these are not the elements that will keep a relationship going for the long term.
  5. Be positive.  Embrace your single status, this is the time when you will have the most freedom, so make the most of it!


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