7 Ways to Let your Britishness Shine Through Your Online Dating Profile

I was recently approached by the leading online dating site DateBritishGuys.com to give my dating expert thoughts about how British men can have more dating success.

British Dating Site
British Dating Site

It’s not a new thing that American women are falling in love with British guys.  You can see Hollywood stars like Claire Danes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Stewart and Cameron Diaz who recently joined the legion of American women who adore British men. The reason they gave was that they love their sense of humour and the sense of chivalry and charm, something that’s lacking from men in the US.

They tell us that it’s something that’s lacking in the men from the U.S. If you’ve watched any chick-flick then you must have noticed a common characteristic in the leading male. A finely ripped body and an enormous bank account are all very nice but there’s something bigger. I’m referring to that attractive British appeal. That David Beckham, James Bond, Harry Styles or Hugh Grant appeal. Their ‘Britishness’ has essentially won them millions of hearts.  That’s why many of the leading stars in American TV shows are actually British. In fact, I hope that one day soon I’ll have my own dating show where I can use my skills as a British Dating Expert to help Americans find love. I’ve put together the ultimate British Dating Expert guide on how to let that quintessential Britishness shine through your online dating profile. Trust me the ladies will notice.

  1. Have some British humour.

Make a girl laugh and you can have her heart. British humour is dark, sarcastic and has the ability to make her weak at the knees.  You can demonstrate this in your online dating profile. When listing your interests or hobbies, add a witty caption. Make a simple (and honest) joke about yourself. It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. The ladies love a man who they can joke around and have fun with.

  1. Make an impression with your diction.

This is the online equivalent of a British accent.  Nothing is more attractive! Good grammar is as sexy as abs online. Your vocabulary should be sophisticated yet simple to comprehend. For example, don’t talk in slang and try to paint pictures with your words. It’s better to say “I enjoy a delicious glass of Merlot at the end of a long day” rather than “I like drinking wine.” Jot down everything you intend to appear in your profile then sprinkle that British flavor afterwards. She’ll be dying to listen to you for hours.

  1. Let your photo speak for you instead

The essence of being a sexy British guy is in your dressing. A button down and a sweater or a well-tailored suit is more British to women than a bunch of complicated words. Use your British dressing sense to stand out from the flock. Above all, make the effort.

  1. Be a romantic bloke

British romance is best viewed from a female perspective. Women want a partner that will go all the way for love. When listing what you’re looking for, use keywords like passionate, commitment and companionship.  Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Let her know that you can love and love passionately.

  1. Be very Specific

As much as James Bond dresses impeccably he also always knows what he wants. When listing what you’re looking for be clear and confident. Women find confidence and precision sexy. Don’t risk appearing confused and immature. Let that Britishness shine through by being absolutely determined and serious with what you want.

  1. Be honest

Honesty is as British as it gets. It’s better to have a brief profile than having a bunch of lies. Remember she’s been hit on by a ton of blokes and knows how to fish out the fakes. Don’t have a separate online identity and you’ll be surprised at how far it gets you.

  1. Let your Username give you an advantage

There’s a lot of other lads online so stand out as much as possible. A complicated or childish name will put off some ladies. Keep it simple and basic. ‘Bond, James Bond’. Please save the high school nickname for your mates. If you appear serious then you’ll attract serious ladies.

Happy dating!

James Preece

In 2010 husband and wife team Ben and Becca Elman launched DateBritishGuys.com; an online dating community that does exactly what it says on the tin –  we pair British men with the people who love them, wherever they may be. Inspired by their own romance (Connecticut-born Becca met Ben while studying abroad in London and the rest, as they say, is history). DateBritishGuys.com now has more than 21,000 members who are adding an international flair to their love life.