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Did you know that you can make a good dating photo even better?

instagram dating
instagram dating

Having an amazing photo is the most important thing you need when it comes to online dating.   It should be a clear, happy smiling photo that will make you stand out from everyone else.  Internet dating is competitive but with a simple too you can make yours extra special.

There’s a fantastic free app that you can download from your mobile phone that will help you transform your photos into amazing ones.  If you haven’t got it already then do check out Instagram.

With this tool, you can do some fantastic tricks that will enhance your photographs and give them an extra edge.  For example, you can choose one of the free filters and give your photo a more sunlit shade or even a dreamier looking effect.    Or you could add a colourful border that will grab someone’s attention.

If you must take a selfie, then hold the camera up above your head and tilt it down towards you.  This will you look slimmer and will give you the best photo.   Outdoor shots give you the best lighting too and make for a more interesting image.

Do remember that you should still try and use the best photograph you have before you play around with it.  If you need some help, get in touch as I work with several online dating photographers who can make you look like a movie star.

Good luck!


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