How to Move Online Dating into Real Life

As a leading Dating Coach and Dating Expert, I often come across a very common problem when it comes to online dating.

Online Dating Coach
Online Dating Coach

You are fortunate enough if you have met someone online and exchanged emails and sweet nothings with the person. Dating online is undeniably fun, interesting and exciting, but you would definitely agree that you are also thinking of ways on how to move online dating to real life.

While cyber chat and online dating is interesting and engaging, the only way to determine if you have truly found someone special is to move online dating to real life. This is also an ideal means to test your online chemistry in real life. Remember that technology, although appealing and enticing, can never replace a real meeting or relationship.

If you are ready to move online dating to real life, the following ways can help you:

  • Take Action and Ensure that You Keep the Momentum Going

One of the things that stress people out when dating online is making personal meetings happen the soonest time possible. Do not engage in pointless chats and write emails back and forth for so long. Do not wait for many months just to get his or her number. You want dates not penpals! If you are interested in someone, you need to keep in mind that online dating is a momentum-based activity. Immediately after exchanging quite a few emails and chats, take action and set up something simple. Go meet for one cup of tea or coffee.

  • Keep things Casual

Many have fears on first meetings. To eliminate stress and fear, the first actual meeting is suggested to be light and easy. Make light yet engaging plans like having some drinks or dinner in an interesting place. Both of you can go for a short walk and try many other simple activities that can trigger you to start a conversation. One important point of meeting in person is to get to know each other and have fun. If you do not meet your online date in person, then you will never know what might happen or develop next.

  • Spend Time to Still Communicate Online

Although you have already met up, you still need to spend time communicating with him or her over the internet. This is one way of showing your interest in the person and your eagerness to explore real life dating boundaries instead of just dating online. If your date responds in a timely manner, then you can suggest phone conversations or plan another meeting again. This can be a start of a romantic real life dating.

Online dating is exciting, but real life dating is even more enticing. By following these ways, you can easily move online dating to real life dating. These ways can make your dating experience far better and more rewarding. You will also get the chance to meet someone from online in person and spend time with him in real world. This is about something completely different.

Since one of the purposes of online dating is to meet someone, you can further accomplish this by taking online dating to another level and that is real life dating.

So what’s stopping you? 

If you’d like any help to craft the perfect online dating profile, get in touch now.  I can help you with any aspect of dating to make sure you get exactly what you dream of.  

James Preece