How Not to Get Hooked by a Catfish While Dating Online

So, did that stunning Russian model you were dating turn out to be a 400lb Vietnamese man?  I am truly sorry for your loss, but a little research could have saved you all those tears spilt over your lost bikini model.  Here are some great tips to avoid getting Catfished in the future.


Dating a Catfish
Catfish Dating

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is


                You get a hit from a woman online, and you think to yourself, “Ummm, why is this gorgeous creature hitting on me?”.  Do not assume you have poor self esteem; you might be right to think she is out of your league.  I wish I knew the actual number of bikini models looking for dates online, but I would dare say the number is close to zero.  However, I do get messaged by so called women who are so called models all the time.  This should be your number one red flag, if she says she’s a model, she is more than likely a catfish.


But just look at her boobs, I mean eyes in that picture.


                It is no secret that people often put up idealized photos of themselves on dating profiles, however, if the girl your talking to has pictures that look like they are right out of Maxim, then she is probably a catfish.  Come on, how many people hire big time photographers to take their pictures for dating sites?


She must be so lonely; she only has 4 friends of Facebook


                Even the guy from your high school whose only friend was a sock puppet has more friends than that on Facebook.  Please check out the pages of the people who message you.  If their pictures are identical across all social networking sites, and they have no friends, then you probably have caught a catfish.  You can be completely socially inept and have 100 friends on Facebook, therefore your bikini model should have friends running out her ears.


The tried and true webcam test


                If you have seen all the warning signs, but are still not able to believe that your Swedish swim team girl might be a catfish, then there is one test that will end all doubt.  Ask this beautiful beacon of womanhood to live chat with you via webcam.  Oh! She does not have a webcam?  I thought so.  Webcams are ubiquitous, cheap, and come included on most tablets and laptops.  Still in doubt, ask her to send you a picture holding a sign that says your name.  Wait; don’t tell me she doesn’t have a camera.  I‘m sorry to say it my friend, but in that case, you have caught yourself a catfish.  Go hang your head in shame and vow never to breathe a word about your mistake.


                Don’t give up.  Despite the daily barrage of cleavage bearing catfish on dating sites, there are still nice, beautiful, wonderful women to be had.  And when you do manage to meet the perfect girl, she will be worth more than 500 of those Russian bikini models.  I promise.



 James Preece is a UK Dating Expert – the UK’s leading Dating Coach.  He’s a matchmaker who can help you find your perfect match. If you want to spot a catfish then he’s the Dating Coach who can help you reel them in!