How to Choose an Online Dating Username

A recent study by the Queen Mary University of London proves one thing: in the world of online dating, your username really matters.

Online Dating Profile
Online Dating Profile

With online dating becoming a way that more and more couples meet, having a great username could help you meet the partner of your dreams. This leaves many of us out there with one question; how can you choose an online dating username? In this article, I will let you know how to do this right. I will also tell you about the things that you should avoid and more.

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Here are a few things that you should. First, think of something that is a bit witty. Try to make it a play on words, if possible. A name based around a pun can really get the attention of the other singles. For example, if your last name was Seagal, why not go with something like FlockOfSeagals? Secondly, make it something that is really about you. Are you witty, sporty, or tall? Then put that in your username! Thirdly, think about using correct spelling and capitalizations. If you would like, you might even want to emphasize the most important part of your name with all caps.   So choose something along the lines of SarahDANCER.   It’s a great idea to use your real first name as it makes things more personal and you can build a better connection.  Never include your surname though or you might find yourself getting weird friend requests on Facebook!


One of the biggest mistakes that I see is people using very generic usernames. Do not put your name on a webpage as Joe2012383702. Nothing about this stands out. Nor should you think about using a username that is suggestive if you are looking for a relationship. The opposite is also true. Trust me, just avoid it or others who want the same thing as you will avoid your profile. Steer clear of usernames that are also overused or overdone. Also avoid usernames that could possibly be misinterpreted to mean something other than what you are meaning by them.

Other Tips

Depending upon the sex you are aiming to attract, add in something that they will find appealing. For example, women find words like handsome, romantic, funny, silly, or creative tempting. Go for something that is simple and simple to recall. If you have a username left over from, say, high school or college and are just now getting back into online dating, change it. Go for something that reflects your maturity. Take some time to actually sit down and create a cool name.  If you aren’t happy with it you can always change it later, but that may confuse anyone you are speaking to at the time. Feel free to check out my dating book on Amazon for more tips on this topic, as well.


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Good luck!

James Preece

The Dating Guru