Merry Christmas from the Dating Guru

Well, here we are already…

Just about done for another year.

Of course, there’s the little matter of Christmas to deal with on Saturday and New Year’s Eve the following week!

But chances are you’re already winding down at work for the season and if you’re lucky, you might already be off for the Christmas period.  Fingers crossed you get some kisses under the mistletoe.

I’ve had an amazing year and have helped find 100s more singles find love and boost their dating confidence.  I’m now a Dating Expert for many more magazines and websites and I’ll be have new articles and tips coming out soon.

I’ll be tweeting a lot more in 2011.  So if you’re not follow me yet, do so here.

I’ve got some great surprises lined up for you over the coming months.  But for now, I’m keeping them under my hat.
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Ok, I’ve got to make a move now…

So, speak to you soon.
Best wishes,

James Preece – The Dating Guru