Guest Blog: Online Dating Doesn’t Work

I used to be adamant that Online Dating doesn’t work and is a complete waste of time.

Online Dating doesn't work
Online Dating doesn’t work

However, that was until I start working with British Dating Coach James Preece!   He’s made me see where I was going wrong after several years of unsuccessful dating.  He’s challenged me to write a guest blog for him about the subject so here we go:

The issue of whether online dating works or not has always been characterized by different opinions depending on individual experiences. For many people, online dating does not work and this is based on various reasons that have been augmented against it. Most of these reasons are unsubstantiated because there have been countless success stories in the online dating world. It has been argued that online dating doesn’t work because it requires a lot of work and effort which might be inconvenient for people who have busy lifestyles. Others feel the attraction that is generated by online dating is not worth it because one partner might be living miles away from the other. In the process, longing leads to resentment which ends up completely destroying any online relationship that had developed.

To a large extent, people have argued that online dating doesn’t work because it lacks a clear path or direction to where the relationship is going. In this case, they might not be confident that they will be liked by their girlfriend or boyfriend when they meet so will always prefer to keep their relationships online. It has also been assumed that online dating chemistry fades quickly and cannot therefore work in the long run. There have also been fears of cheating because your partner might be chatting with other people besides you. As much as these issues might make you think twice about online dating, I want you know that online dating is a great way of meeting people.

Most people have been proved wrong because online dating is fantastic and has worked positively for different couples including myself. We can therefore look at various reasons to explain why online dating is a great way of meeting people. With online dating, you can be sure that you will eventually find someone who likes you and your interests. This can enable people to connect well based on their interests. There are certain people who are shy of meeting others and this is where online dating becomes helpful. Such people might find enough confidence to talk to others and start dating which can be hard in real life situations. Dating on the Internet has been convenient because it is less costly than traditional dating where people have to agree on where to meet which might require coffee or drinks that might be expensive.

Online dating is also good for networking because you will be able to engage and talk with people you have never met before. In fact, your conversation and social skills can be greatly enhanced by online dating. This enables you to make new friends that you might just meet up with and hang out with when you feeling a bit lonely. Dating online has also created a lot of privacy because you only reveal your details when you are confident of the person you are chatting with. This is not possible when it comes to face to face dates.

In conclusion, it can be said that as much as there are people who say that online dating doesn’t work, it is a good experience that should be embraced as a modern way of dating in our society. All it took was a little guidance from James.

Lisa D  ( Successful online dater and dating coach client with James Preece )