Dating Expert advice: Christmas Dating Tips

Christmas Dating

No matter where you look, everywhere you look and everything thing you see seems to a bit more romantic at Christmas. With the combination of the twinkling lights, the hum of Christmas music, and the cold nip in the air; it all makes Christmas seemingly the best time of year for the first, fifth, or even one hundredth date.

Below are the top 5 romantic dates you and that special someone to go on that are fun and different that will create the spark that every relationship can use from time to time, even if it doing something so simple.

Fun, Creative Dates to go on with Your Special Someone

1. A Light Walk around the Shops

At Christmas Time shops are full of festive sights and treat that all over the place. This type of environment that allows for an easy, little to no pressure for any date that you and your date can walk around this romantic time of year where you and your date can share laughs and stories about your Christmas’ past as a child.

2. Christmas Shopping

For many the epitome of Christmas is walking in and around the department stores that are beautifully decorated and just soaking up the feeling and joy of Christmas cheers while finding that perfect gift for their loved ones. Unless you are in a committed relationship and are looking to buy a Christmas present for your respective families as a couple, it is recommended to not go shopping with the intentions of finding and getting all of your Christmas shopping completed. This will not be fun and will only make for a stressful date; and it could mean that your first date might become your last with your guy or gal. Instead, you should just go for the purpose of browsing for decorations or to sample some Christmas foods that some shops may be offering as a special treat; maybe even buy a movie on DVD for a future date like date number 2.

3. Go Ice Skating

This dating idea does come with a slight risk; but it is an incredible romantic idea that will offer you and your date the opportunity for some, shall we say, bodily contact like hand holding as you gliding along together like what you have only seen in a movie. This date can only work if both you and your date can skate; so be sure to ask him or her first.

4. Christmas Movie Night and a Little Cuddling

While it is not too advisable to have a date night at home; but with it being Christmas, the normal must go out of the door. Think about it, it is cold outside and there really is no better place for a date than one in the comfort of a warm home and watching your favorite Christmas movies.

5. Cooking a Pre-Christmas Dinner

Christmas is a great time to keep things simple and one way you can make date idea fun is by getting together and cooking a pre-Christmas dinner together of some of your favorite Christmas foods. Now, if you or your date cannot cook, that is OK  maybe you can have a night of baking Christmas cookies instead. Either way, you are exactly where you want to be anyway.

Regardless of what you do, have fun; this is the most important thing. When you have fun, there is not much more that matters!


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