My online dating expert UK Dating Advice for Men

Online dating is a fantastic way to get dates.

dating advice for men
Dating advice for men

However, men and women will have different experiences with the way it all works.   So my online dating advice has to be tailored for each one.    Here are some of my top dating tips for men that will help you get success and learn to attract women now.

1)  Online dating is harder for men.  At least it is if you don’t make an effort.   Many women will get inundated with emails each week and some even get more than they could possibly reply to.   You absolutely must be proactive and write carefully written messages.   It’s a numbers game so it will take time.

2)  Women judge quickly.  Make sure you have a fantastic profile photo that shows you off to your full potential.  Check your spelling as that can be a huge turn off and don’t be too sexual or flirty.

3) Things become easier after the age of 35.   Men of this age become rarer and you’ll be much more in demand.  Once you hit your mid-30s then you’ll notice a dramatic turnaround.

4) Free dating sites don’t work for men.  At first glance they appear a great source of possible date and you may even get lots of emails from single girls.  The trouble is that these sites aren’t monitored very well and most of the best women are probably really guys playing around!

5) Too many men give up before they get anywhere.   This means that if you can make things work you’ll the advantage over your competition.


As a leading Dating Coach , I’ve been giving men dating advice for years.  I can help you write the perfect profile, show you which sites are best and what messages women will respond to. 

So if you need dating relationship advice or would like me to coach you please get in touch via my online dating website below.

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