How to Find a Partner after 50 Online

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Dating for the over 50s
Dating for the over 50s


For singles 50 and above, the whole concept of going online to find a partner can seem daunting. Some of my dating coaching clients think that just because they have reached a certain age range that finding a partner can be much harder. Perhaps you might believe that you are too old to be messing about online. 

Well, if you want to increase your chances of success, you have to stop thinking that online dating is a young people’s game. Thinking this way will only discourage you and prevent you from achieving the kind of online dating success a special person such as yourself is capable of. In many cases, older individuals who try their hand at online dating fail to get the results they’d like because they didn’t allow themselves to succeed. It’s pretty straightforward. To get better success, realize that there are lots of people aged 50 and over at singles sites and they are all looking for love. You are hardly alone. Keep the following tips below in mind so you can boost your chances of successfully finding a partner through the Internet whether you just turned 50 or you’re 70 and above.


Write your profile to highlight your age bracket

If you are looking to sell a product, you won’t sell much if you are not specific about what you are selling. Put it this way, you won’t get much attention if you bend over backwards trying to deny or downplay your age. Instead, embrace it and be proud of your life experiences. Highlight it in your dating profile headline. Moreover, be very clear with your picture that you are within a certain age range.

The clearer you are regarding your age and your target age bracket, the easier it will be for your ‘target market’ to take note of your profile.

Become a member of dating sites which are focused on the over 50 crowd

The Internet is such a wide place that there are niches for just about any community or any interest. This is definitely true for those over 50 looking for partners. Just as there are dating sites focused on people that are from a certain ethnicity or sexual orientation, there are dating sites which target people who are aged 50 and over. Find these, take out a trial membership, and filter these dating sites based on member volume and activity.

Join as many over 50 sites as possible to scope them out

Thankfully, most dating sites allow people to join on a probationary basis. Use these test memberships to check out how well the particular dating site fits your needs. Pay attention to the volume of members, how active the members are, the overall ambiance or personality of the site, and how many people you find you at the site.

Draw people based on your interests

It’s not enough to join sites that are geared towards people aged 50 and above. You have to draw people based on your interests not your age. Write your headlines to reflect what you’re interested in and what dating experiences you bring to the table for people who would like to date you. Filter people based on your interests. If they don’t share your interests, there is probably not enough to build a potential relationship on or communicate about.By being strategic about your dating site choices as well as how you test out these different sites, you’d go a long way in finding interesting people online. It’s all about being systematic and methodical.

There really is nothing to be afraid of. I have many very dating coaching clients who have found love online. Perhaps you could be the next success story?


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