My New Online Dating Book : I Will Make You Click

I’m delighted to announce that my brand new online dating book is now on sale. 

Online Dating Book
Online Dating Book

I’ve been working on this book for several years now and it’s the most complete online dating guide that’s ever been printed. I’ve included my very best dating tips from my dating expert career. I will teach you what works and what doesn’t.  

Highlights include: 

* How to choose the perfect dating site for you

* Writing an irresistible online dating profile

* Making sure you have the best online dating photographs

* How to send messages that get replies quickly

* How to to have amazing first dates that lead to second, third dates and ultimately long term relationships

* Example online dating profiles and messages you can copy and paste right now

* What to do in difficult situations and how to get out of them

* The Dating Scams run by conmen and the sites themselves

* How to get a date using Tinder and Social Media

If you’d like to significantly improve your online dating skills ( and have better dates in general) then you can’t afford not to get this book.  I normally charge £125 for a dating coaching session but this book is available for a few pounds on Amazon for a limited time only. 

Order your copy by paperback or ebook right now by clicking HERE

If you would like more personal one-to-one help then I’m always available for personal dating coaching.   You can contact me directly via my dating coach website: 

James Preece is the UK’s leading Dating Coach and Dating Expert and appears regularly in the media.

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