Dating Expert Question: Can you hire a dating agency if you aren’t rich ?

I’ve been having a look at the questions people have asked me on my blog.  I’ll be asking the best ones here.

Dating Agency Costs
Dating Agency Costs

So today’s question is this:

“Dear James, I’m really struggling to find my ideal partner. I’ve set myself a time limit of one year from now and in that time I’d love to meet a potential husband.

I’ve tried everything – speed dating, online dating and going out partying more, but nothing seems to work.  I’ve heard that dating agencies can be a great way to meet someone but I know they can be really expensive.  I don’t have much spare cash so what do you think I can do?


Hi Gail, many thanks for your dating question.

Dating agencies can be a fantastic way to meet a partner.  If you choose a good one, then they will work really hard to to find you suitable matches.  It’s time consuming for them as they have to search tirelessly and interview all the other members.  So much goes on behind the scenes without you even knowing about it.  For that reason, they can often seem expensive when you look at their average fees.

However, once you add up how much money you are spending anyway on online dating memberships, singles parties and travelling to dates that don’t work out, then it’s quite reasonable.  You’ll save so much time and will only be meeting high quality, targeted singles.  You won’t have to pay out forever as the agencies goal is to find you someone as quickly as possible.

My advice to you would be to try and work out what’s most important to you in the long term.  If you can give up your daily cappuccino ( £3.50 or £100 a month!) you can put this towards an introduction agency membership.  It’s only for 6 months on average so is that really so terrifying?

Sometimes you have to take a little risk when you really really want something and dating is no different.  Good luck!




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