Diary of a Dating Expert : How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’m going to tell you about something that happened to me this week that really made me think hard. I thought I’d better share it with you as you will hopefully find it useful too.


Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone

This week I had the opportunity to appear on live television as a Dating Expert.  As usual, I was only given a few hours notice about this.  My diary is always pretty full and I had a client booked in for the time they wanted me.  I wasn’t really dressed to go on television anyway, so I initially turned it down. I felt a bit relieved about this as it would have been an incredibly scary thing to do.  Recorded TV is fine, but live…in front of millions?

I told my brother about this and he pointed out what a huge thing this could be for me. Why was I not taking full advantage of my big chance?  I explained about the client and that I wasn’t smart enough but he rightly told me I was hiding behind excuses.  It’s often easier to say no than to do something different. If I want to be successful, I have to step outside my comfort zone.

So….I contacted my client and they kindly agreed to meet me a bit later instead.  I then called the television channel back and told them I’d do it.  The next thing I knew I was on live television talking about dating. It was fun and a lot easier than I’d imagined. I’m a leading relationship expert so there’s no reason why I would be anything other than fantastic. I know my stuff, have great self belief (and cheekiness!) but like anyone I was nervous about the unknown.  That’s absolutely fine and normal of course, but stepping outside my comfort zone proved to be exciting.

I want to ask you this:  What can you do to step outside your comfort zone?

We all have things we want to and dreams to realise.  If yours is to meet someone wonderful then don’t be afraid of doing whatever it takes to get them.  Perhaps this might mean talking to the hot girl at the bus stop or accepting that invitation to the party you were unsure about. It’s the people who take a little risk that eventually get what they want.

So stop making excuses and think up some ways to burst out of your comfort zone. I can promise you that doing something that worries you is never as bad as NOT doing it.  Each and every time you push yourself, you make the comfort zone a little bigger.  Eventually it will be so big you won’t notice it any more.

Now, I’m ready for my own live dating television show. Are you ready for love ?

Good luck!




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