My new look dating blog

I’m very pleased to tell you that I’ve now completely revamped and updated my dating blog.

Dating Blog
Dating Blog

It’s now much easier on the eye and simpler to read.  If you have a dating question then you can also search to see if it’s something I’ve written about before.   If I haven’t then please email me and make a suggestion.  I’ll answer the best dating problems and post the answers up on the blog. 

Please also free to interact and comment on my posts.  The more you do, then the more everyone else can get out of it.  Although I’m a UK dating expert , everyone also has their own unique dating experiences.

Oh, and I’m going to have a new dating competition too so please do keep your eyes open for that!

Don’t forget, this blog is only a small sample of my dating advice.  If you’d like more, completely free regular dating tips and dating advice then you really ought to sign up for my free dating newsletter.  It’s so easy to do and there is a link to your right.

If you’d like one to one dating help then please do check out my dating coach website too.

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