Guest Dating Blog: Can you find love on Instagram?

Today, I have a wonderful guest post about Instagram dating from award-winning massage therapist and health writer Paola Bassanese

massage therapist and health writer
Paola Bassanese

Have you ever thought that you could find “the One” on Instagram? Well, this is my current experiment and I must say it’s still work in progress but bear with me on this one.


A few months ago I joined Instagram not only because I enjoy taking pictures but also because I read in a few magazine articles that some people have started dating on the back of commenting on each other’s pictures on Instagram. I was intrigued.


Instagram is not a race, it’s a marathon: you build up your picture portfolio and people discover a bit more about you every day. If you have a visual sense of humour, you will start attracting comments and followers quite quickly. My personal style is a combination of very few pictures of myself (bikini shots are absolutely a no-go area!) and plenty of pictures of quirky things I see around me, anything from cute pets to awesome landscapes.


After a few weeks from joining, I started getting some flirty messages on Instagram and I replied to them with gusto. All these messages were in good taste and complimentary, which I found very encouraging.


Most importantly, when people look at your pictures they find out more about your hobbies, passions and interests. Likewise, you find out from someone’s profile if their interests match yours. This tends to ease the pressure to “impress one another”: you simply take pictures and if people like them, that’s great.


I decided to go out on a date with one of the guys on Instagram: I had no expectations, we just talked a little bit about life in general and then decided it would be quite fun to meet up.


We had a nice chat and we had a pleasant evening – the spark wasn’t there but I definitely think there is a lot of potential in using Instagram. The search continues and I will have more fun searching while taking endless pictures.


Here’s what I would suggest if you want to give Instagram a go:

1 – Do not post sexy pictures as they will only attract weirdos

2 – Do post pictures of your hobbies to attract someone who can share the same interests

3 – Post regularly as it creates a better connection with other users

4 – Do some hashtag searches to find compatible people who would share your interests, for example search for #painting or  #rollerblading

5 – Comment on other people’s pictures complimenting them or, if you feel confident, making a cheeky flirty remark but always stay classy.


Have fun on Instagram and please invite me to your wedding if it works out for you!


About Paola Bassanese

Paola Bassanese is an award-winning massage therapist and health writer.

She specialises in slimming massage, natural facelift massage and back pain. Find out more on


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