Dating Expert Advice : Are you embarrassed to be online dating?

I want to talk about a strange issue I sometimes see with my dating coaching clients.

Dating Coach
Dating Coach

Some people find it embarrassing that they have to try online dating. They’ll write daft things in the profile such as “I can’t believe I’m doing this” or “I never thought I’d end up on a dating site.” Why do they write these negative comments that only serve as a turn off?

As a Dating Expert, I hear all sorts of reasons why online dating is a little embarrassing to them.. To a few, it suggests they weren’t capable of finding someone on their own. While the stigma has mostly gone, it’s still sometimes seen by a minority as a bit of a last resort. So even if they meet someone they won’t tell anyone how they really met.

Meeting someone in the real world is certainly possible, but it’s not that easy. We tend to work longer hours
and have less time/money to go out socialising. Many people also find it hard to approach people as they are so
scared of being rejected. So online dating is a fantastic way to to connect with other singles in a quick, rejection
free way. You can search for compatible matches in your area, say hello and then go out and meet them face to face.

If you are unsure whether to try online dating, ask yourself why that really is. Are you perhaps just making excuses
and avoiding having to put a little effort in? That’s a common issue that I see with a lot of singles. They’d love to meet someone but just aren’t prepared to put any work in. They’ll blame other people or the site for their own lack of success. These same people won’t listen to dating advice or write an amazing profile. They’ll write the first thing that comes into their head, upload a terrible photo and hope for the best.

The more people that do this then then better it is for you. I know you are smart and proactive as you are reading my dating expert blog and willing to seek help. So if your competition are failing then that can only be a good thing for you!

Two out of every three singles has tried internet dating and the ones who take action are the ones getting more dates than they can wish for. If you want to get fit you join a gym as you know it’s the best way to get into shape quickly. If you want a job you sign up to recruitment sites. Technology is amazing nowadays so it’s perfect natural to try some online dating sites if you are ready to start meeting new partners. It’s really that simple. No need for excuses.

Online Dating isn’t the end of romance, it’s really the perfect way to start it off.

James Preece is a UK Dating Expert. He’s a leading Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, helping people find love each and every day. Contact him at now