What women want in a Man

As a leading British Dating Expert, I have lots of male clients looking for love.  They come to me as they want to learn to REALLY understand women.  For most men, the female mind can be confusing.  “What do women want in a partner?” they ask me.  The truth is that there are lots of different things.  So in today’s dating expert blog I’ve put together the most common: 


What women want
What women want


Women Want a Man That Is….

There is, and always has been an assumption that to attract and keep a woman, men have to be rich, handsome, and well, perfect. That is definitely not the case. Women are simple creatures and the qualities they want in a man are easy to achieve with a little time and effort.

Honest – she needs to trust you, and for you to trust her

Women like men who are capable of being truthful with them. Some women like more honesty than others and it is important to keep that in mind. If you’re lying to her it usually means you are up to no good or have made some mistakes and poor choices.  She might also think that you don’t trust her.


Loyal – she needs to be the only woman you want

Women need to feel special, but not necessarily in the buy her everything and worship the ground she walks on, sense. She wants to know that you love only her and that she is the only woman for you. She may not be the youngest or best looking, but she needs to know that in your mind, she is.


Offers Security – literally and financially

Most women do not expect you to pay for everything or to be a millionaire. However, they want to know that you will protect them, whether from physical harm or harm that can come from being a smidge short on rent. That isn’t to say you should pay her bills, but you need to let her know that you’re capable. Being capable of doing something isn’t the same as actually doing it.


Compassionate – show her you aren’t a Neanderthal

No one wants to be with an emotionless person. A woman needs to know that you are capable of love and that you love her. No matter what you were taught, kindness and compassion are not weaknesses, sometimes being strong means crying right alongside her.


Understanding – she needs you to know her

Women want men who understand and know them. Many women think (and feel) that love can’t exist unless you really know someone inside and out. Take time to get to know the real woman, not the one that others see or the person you want her to be. She wants to be loved for who she really is.


Caring – she wants to know she matters

No one wants to be alone, and one thing that is worse than being single and alone, is being alone in a relationship. Take time out to recognize what is going on with her and to make sure she is ok. There are times when we aren’t capable of taking care of ourselves, she takes care of you when you are down, and you should do the same for her.


Women are simple creatures when it comes down to it. They just want the same TLC as they put into a relationship. The world no longer runs on the principles of a man taking care of financial matters while the woman takes care of the home and kids. Our roles in relationships need to reflect that.





 James Preece is a UK Dating Expert – the UK’s leading Dating Coach.  He’s a matchmaker who can help you find your perfect match. If you want to find your ideal man or ideal woman get in touch via info@jamespreece.com