Today Only – My New Dating Book: Stop Being So Fussy !

Due to popular demand, I’ve written a dating expert book which deals with the BIGGEST secret to helping singles find love.

Stop being so fussy
Stop being so fussy

Let’s be honest, chances are that most singles are being just a little bit too picky.  There’s no point waiting around for George Clooney or Taylor Swift to walk into your life.  Instead, it’s time to take a good hard look at all the wonderful people you could be dating right now.  If you are the type of person who rules out a second date just because they laughed at the wrong joke or were an inch smaller than you hoped, then you need this book!

As a Relationship Coach, I know the issues singles face so I’ve written this book to help make life so much easier for you.

Packed full of thought provoking chapters including:

  • Learning to Appreciate What you Have
  • The Art of Being Realistic
  • Of course they don’t look exactly like their photo..Do YOU?
  • Maximising Your Opportunities
  • Mr Right would be really boring Anyway
  • Hair Colour isn’t everything
  • What you want isn’t what you need

Available today only – April 1st 2015.   Join my mailing list to find out where to buy it.


OK, so it’s not a real book…it’s just me having a bit of fun on April Fools Day.  However, do check out my REAL dating book “I Will Make You Click” which you can find on Amazon. It’s the ultimate guide for online dating and making connections on social media or the real world.

Let me know what you think of “Stop Being So Fussy!”    Do you think people are too picky? Perhaps it’s a subject I really should write about in the near future.  I’d love to hear that you have to say!

Happy dating,

James Preece – The Dating Guru

James Preece is the UK’s leading Dating Coach and Dating Expert.   If you are sick and tired of not meeting the right partners, he can definitely help you.  Get in touch via the contact form at the op of the site or visit his website  to find our more about him and the wonderful work he does to help singles.