3 thoughts on “New Video Blog – Spotting the Scammers on Online Dating Sites”

  1. James, I love your site and the information that you are offering. Ufortunately there have been a lot of stories of people who have been scammed on internet dating sites as con artists find it a perfect place to meet vulnerable people. One must always be on one’s the guard. But if you want to know that each member you meet is genuine then you need to go onto a website that has preinterviewed and screened singles.
    This is what TopMatch West London is all about. We realise that it is very easy to be scammed, to want to see the best in people and trust our hearts and not our heads. But we know that there are unscrupulous people out there , those who put pictures that are not of them, who lie about their ages and who they are and what they do. So we take this risk away. Every member of TopMatch West London has been personally met so when introductions are made you know that they are the genuine thing – and more over you are only introduced to those who our professional matchmaker finds you compatible so they will share your lifestyle and your values – taking the risk out of on-line dating!

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