How to Flirt

Flirting to acquire what you wish constitutes innate human behavior and is a crucial dating skill. By being playful and demonstrating interest then you make the other person feel wanted and therefore more accommodating. Flirting can make you feel great and get you lots more dates……if you do it correctly. James Preece, the UK’s top dating expert and dating coach offers his tips here for you:

1) The most crucial thing you can do is to hold eye contact. Long lingering looks coupled with a cheeky smile will show you are interested in them. If you do this properly they will find it hard to say no if you ask for something as they won’t want to lose your attention.

2) Mirroring is a fantastic way to build rapport and make them like you. This means that you copy what they do. If they scratch their nose, wait a couple of seconds then scratch yours. If they’re opposite you and raise their right hand, then raise yours. The reason this works is because people like people who are like themselves. If you’re doing what they are doing then they’ll put you on the same level as themselves. Just keep it very subtle or they will realise what you are up to.

3) Point at yourself from time to time when you use positive words. They’ll then subconsciously connect you with these words. For instance, tell them what a fantastic weekend you had and how you had a perfect day off.

4) Talk to them about their interests and make them feel special about them. Tell them how wonderful and fascinating you find these things and how it makes them stand out from everyone else. Pay attention to even the smallest of details and they’ll be amazed when you bring them up in conversation at a later time. If you don’t know much about these hobbies then do a little secret research on the internet and you’ll impress them even more.

5) When you ask for something, nod your head as if you’re saying “yes.” This will subconsciously increase your chances of getting a positive reaction.

6) Recent studies show that the very action of holding a warm drink can make people assume you’re a warmer person. A cold drink can have the opposite effect.

You can use these tips when dating or just in normal life! Dating and flirting are all about having fun.

James Preece – The Dating Guru

The UK’s number one dating coach and dating expert