Is Your Dating Profile Good… or Great?

With online dating you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Write a great profile
Write a great profile

Online dating has become much more popular in the past decade. Setting up a great profile is key to finding a match who will be interesting to you and be interested in you. As a general rule, remember to be yourself but also remember to be informative.

What you are Looking for

Perhaps the most important part of a dating profile is to explain what you are looking for. Go into detail, but don’t be too specific. Finding a match means realizing that you cannot expect to find the exact copy of your fantasy partner, but rather someone close or someone that surprises you with traits and characteristics you didn’t know you liked. Be willing to compromise and only list things that are truly important – for example, respectful and quiet are good adjectives. Asking for someone with dark brown hair and hazel eyes is being a little too specific.

Describe Yourself Accurately

Finding someone who is genuinely interested in YOU is what is really key to having a successful dating profile. First of all, be honest about yourself. Lying about traits – whether they are physical or not – is a surefire way to make the first date terrible. Extreme detail isn’t necessary (people probably don’t need to know what your favourite cooked vegetable is before the first date) but be sure to list things that you feel are important for your partner to appreciate or be aware of. Such things may include your hobbies, religion, personality, and anything you absolutely cannot tolerate (such as smoking or drinking). Do not over or under sell yourself.

Speak in Your Voice

Try not to seem too professional or too laid back when conversing or describing yourself. Unless this is your actual personality, again, it will be an immediate source of conflict the first time you meet your date in real life. Type in the way that you speak and all in all just try to be yourself.

Pay Attention to Aesthetic

 Make some attempt to make your profile visually pleasing. It doesn’t have to be incredibly fancy, but at least keep it looking clean. Organize your writing so that it is easy to read, and try to be concise – the chances of someone sifting through your 1,500 word essay are slim to none. Make an effort to write with correct spelling and grammar as well. Finally, if the website you are using allows for it, choose a theme that is representative of your personality and tastes, but also make sure that it does not overwhelm the content.

Choosing a Photo

This is an important aspect of any profile. A photo makes a powerful first impression that will likely be the guiding factor for the first date. Consider what it is you want to convey to your potential partner, and choose a photo that suits that.

Finally, the best general rule to remember is to be true to who you are and what you want. Be concise, but detailed, and try to be open to new things.



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