Dating Expert Tips to get Him to Commit

Get him to commit

There are many women who have lofty ideas about the possibility of making a man commit you them; while other women think they are just plain nuts! Who is to say whether or not these lofty thinking women are right or wrong? In this article, you will learn some unconventional tips to get him to commit to you and only you.

You want Him but….

We have all been there ladies, you meet a man and the relationship grows; going to depths that you always thought was a myth or something and we know he likes you or even more than that, he loves you but he there is just one thing that is off. He is not willingly committing to you like you think he should. You do your best to show him that you are, ‘the one’ for him as he is, ‘the one’ for you but still he avoids anything that even brings up the thought of making that forever promise of love and commitment and you are left wondering if you should just move on or stay?

Below you will read some very unconventional tips that you can use to get him to commit to you and get your, ‘happily ever after’. While these tips come to you recommended, they also come to you recommended to use with some caution as some met will either continue to resist the commitment or walk away altogether.

8 Tips to Get Him to Commit

  1. It is ok to Love him but…

It is ok to love the man you are with but do not be his girlfriend. Crazy, I know but by being his girlfriend it means being exclusive without the benefit of having the promise of getting forever. If marriage is what you want, you do not want to be his girlfriend. Most men will tell you that they want time to know for sure if you are the one for them but there are others who will know sooner rather than later that you are either the one or not.

  1. Unless you are Engaged, Do not be Exclusive until then

In many situations, once a couple becomes exclusive the man will begin to have a sense that his lady is starting to think about the relationship and wonder where things are going go; and hoping that he loves her as much as she loves him. These are all completely normal and valid feelings for any woman to think about but they make a man pullback in the relationship emotionally and can hurt the relationship as a whole. In not being exclusive until engagement gives you, the woman, the room to breathe and thoroughly figure out if this relationship is for you; in turn allowing him to ‘fall’ for you without worrying that you are always expectant of him ‘popping the question’.

  1. Keep your Options Open and Date more than One Man at a Time

Yes, I did just tell you to keep your options open and date more than one guy at a time; and I mean every word of it. By doing this, you will be able to compare the men you date to each other, finding which ones really are worth your time and a little investment and whatever you do, do not rush yourself with the feelings of urgency about over one particular man or another; you are very able and should be open to new and different opportunities. Now, if a man is ready to commit and marry you, especially the one you are most interested in, by all means do not just sit there, be exclusive but only if is ready to put that ring on your finger.

  1. Be Open to Love

There are men who believe that if you are not open to be loved, he will not be open to commit to you. You have to show him that you can be open and will be able to handle the emotions he gives as well as shows you and believe that he loves you.

  1. Always Tell him what You Want

Do not be shy, if you desire to be engaged and to get married; tell him. It is up to you to tell him what you want; he cannot read your mind. Be kind in your words but also keep your words direct; do not mince words but at the same time remember that you should be ready for whatever his reply will be.

The point of these tips are to get you to realize that you are worth much more than you believe and can ever understand; these tips are to be used to teach yourself the importance of how you can better yourself as person and a woman. If these tips help you and he commits to you, that is great; if not, it is still great because you know your worth and you know that any man who is ready to commit you will because he wants to.


James Preece is the Dating Guru – the UK’s leading Dating Expert and Relationship Coach