5 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Would you like to win your ex back? 

get my ex back
Get your Ex back

It’s not surprising that many people feel sad or depressed after a breakup with their significant other. When you invest all of your time, love and effort into making your relationship work, when it doesn’t you could be left feeling lonely and regretful. If you think your ex might “the one”, here are 5 ways you can try to win them back. 

Step 1: Remind Yourself Why You Broke Up

Ask yourself if you want to get back together with your ex because you’re lonely or if you actually still have feelings for them. Try reminding yourself why you broke up with each other in the first place. If they made you mad, angry, or were mean in any way, you probably don’t actually want to continue your relationship. If you think it was a small problem that you can fix and get over, you might want to try to get them back.

Step 2: Figure out if the Feeling is Mutual

Before you start doing anything, the most important thing to do is find out if they still care about you in that way. If they don’t and have moved on, you might be wasting your time and you could appear desperate. If you find out that your ex does still care, or might still care, you need to be subtle about how you feel. If your significant other is on the fence, overwhelming them might push them further away.  If you are getting some signals or mixed signals about how they feel, you might want to move further with the relationship.

Step 3: Play Hard to Get

If your breakup was recent, then you two probably still have each other’s numbers memorized and ready to dial. If your ex hasn’t dropped an occasional text or call your way in the weeks after your breakup, they might have already moved on. However, if they have tried to reach out to you in anyway, that means that they’re still thinking about you. Instead of immediately responding, try playing a little hard to get. This might not work for everyone, but it does get across the message that you’re doing okay without them in your life. This could make your ex realise they aren’t ready to give up on the relationship, and could go out of their way to reach you.

Step 4: Meet Up

Once your ex begins to wonder if ending the relationship was a mistake, the next step is to meet up somewhere to catch up. Let them know that you were having some regrets and missed seeing them so often. When you let your ex that know you have been thinking about them, they’ll probably admit to thinking about you too. Asking your ex about their day, or casually reminding them of something fun you two did will let them feel comfortable and reminiscent enough to think about getting back together.

Step 5:  Be Yourself

Remember, your ex fell in love with you for a reason. As long as you remain true to yourself, you’ll remind them what they’re missing. Laugh, smile and be confident. They’ll see the person they were together with, remember the good times and question why you broke up in the first place.

With these easy tips, you may be able to get back together with your loved one. However, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be!  Don’t be too pushy if they reject you, and try not to get too upset. There are other people out there that might be a perfect match for you, and rather than being sad over your ex, you should go out into the world and find your soul mate. 

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