What’s New on the Dating Scene?

Here in the UK, we spend one in every twelve waking minutes online. It  is not surprising that love and dating is now a big part of the  digital landscape and never ceases to grow in that direction. One in  five relationships in Britain begins online, so our efforts are  well-placed – online dating is really working.

Dating Expert
Dating Expert

We live in a time of ever expanding dating opportunities by virtue of  our interconnectivity. One particular benefit is the ability to choose  from an exponentially larger network of singles always at your  fingertips. Over nine million of us are now registered with a dating  site, meaning that from the hottie next door to a jetsetter just in  town for the weekend, you can find most anyone online. And the way we  initiate contact has never been more dynamic. Phone, tablet and  computer work in harmony to provide a method of getting in touch on  every portal – instantly. (And just in case we get caught in brief  moments of technological deprivation, we can say hi in person too.)

Another development in the dating scene is that every type of desire  is now catered for, giving singles the chance to explore what they  really want. This is evident in the rise of niche dating sites that  often deal with less conventional types of relationships. A prominent  example, Toyboy Warehouse, specialises in older woman  younger man relationships and has seen an unprecedented rise in  popularity in recent months. The site aims to improve the perception  of niche dating and empower its members, in particular women, to  explore their sexuality – a progressive and vital change.

Dating has been revolutionised too by the interplay between technology  and real life. Apps like Tinder are particularly useful to streamline  the dating experience. Matching singles based on their shared location  at the time they log on means that every moment has the potential to  develop into a date.

Technology is adapting and enhancing our experiences – but how are we  changing our own habits as singles? It seems the answer is just as  exciting. A recent study by the University of Michigan  (http://tinyurl.com/kwx4fkh) concluded that while the amount of people  we have access to for dates has greatly widened, so too have our ideas  about who we can date. Observations of a major international dating  site reveal that there is often a big difference between what someone  is looking for when they sign up to a dating site and their actual  dating behaviour.

What will the future of dating look like? It is clear that technology  will continue to play a very important part. This Valentine’s Day will  see the release of Her in UK cinemas, a film set in future-day Los  Angeles, exploring the relationship that develops between a man and  his operating system. Perhaps it is far from how our relationships  will eventually look, but there are certain metaphorical similarities  developing on the dating scene right now. As individuals we are  exploring the exciting role technology plays in our personal lives.  Our minds and our opportunities are widening constantly and, as a  result, we have never been closer to finding exactly what we want.

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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