How to Get Noticed on Tinder


If you are interested in meeting fun new singles but don’t have the time to date traditionally, it might be time to give Tinder a try.

Tinder Dating
Tinder Dating

Online dating sometimes still has a little stigma attached to it, but Tinder is different. This app for smart phones and android devices is designed to make casual dating so much simpler. If you are ready to experience the fun that can be had on Tinder, you need to learn how to get noticed on this dating platform.

As a leading Dating expert , I know it’s not easy. However, I have lots of clients who are doing really well with the app and I’ve even heard of a few marriages.  Like anything, if you are prepared to make a little effort then you’ll soon have some successes.

So to help you , here are a few of my Dating Coach Tinder tips that can go a long way in getting you noticed:

Choose the Right Photo

Image really is everything when you are trying to attract attention on Tinder. You need to be careful when choosing a photo. Not just any picture will do and if you get it wrong you’ll blow your chances immediately.  You don’t necessarily have to be sexy or extremely hot to get noticed on Tinder, but you do need to choose a picture that shows the best version of you. Whatever your best feature is, make sure that it is captured in the photo you choose for your Tinder profile.

Try to show your individuality and not go with the same boring poses that everyone else does. If you’re a guy, don’t do the gym pose and girls should stay away from photos that leave little to the imagination. Just be honest with the photo that you choose and make sure that your natural smile shines through.

Use the Biography Section

There is a reason why Tinder includes a Biography section on your profile. You need to use it and include all bio information that might make you more attractive to potential dates. Choose to write about details that are most interesting. Just be sure to not give too much away, because that could lead to a pretty boring first Tinder date. It’s a good idea to include some things that could serve as potential icebreakers and make it easy for the other person to start a conversation.

Branch Out a Bit

If you really want to attract the most attention on Tinder, you need to expand your reach a little bit. This means that you need to expand the distance or age of potential dates you are looking for. By extending out, you might get noticed more. Just make sure that you are realistic about how age and distance. Don’t expand your preferred age so high that you might not be interested in some matches.

It takes time to get attention on Tinder. So don’t get too impatient right away and put some effort in!

If you’d like some help with getting dates from Tinder or any other dating app or dating site, please get in touch now.  I’m a leading British Dating Coach and I work with singles just like you.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to in order to guarantee to you have as many dates are you wish.

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