The Ultimate Five Opening Messages for Online Dating That Nobody Can Resist Replying To

Online Dating Expert
Online Dating Expert


Let’s face it – online dating is here, and it’s here to stay. Chances are, if you have your eye on that certain someone, so do a lot of other guys, making your opening message pivotal for pleading your case. Want to know what to say to make sure that she responds back to you? There are certainly some opening messages that work better than others. Here are a few of the best  online dating expert tips to help get you started on the road to love.

Opening Message Do’s and Don’ts

First and foremost, you need to stand out from the crowd. If your opening message is something like “hello” or “hi,” chances are good that it won’t even be opened, let alone returned. Your message needs to be significantly different from all of your competition’s lines in order to get her attention. If you are stuck and don’t want to use a canned greeting, consider starting your E-mail within the subject line – women naturally want to read the rest of the sentence, and this may lead them to open your E-mail instead of someone else’s. Avoid being cheesy or sexually overt, because both of these are big turnoffs right off the bat.

Idea #1: I would really like to…

When a woman sees “I would really like to…” in the subject line from a stranger, she will want to open your message and see what is coming next. It’s just suggestive enough to get her excited, yet it’s not over the top or pushy. Make sure that your E-mail is a good continuation of your message line, telling her what you would really like to do with her, again avoiding being sexual or inappropriate in a way that might drive her away.

Idea #2: You Have the Most Beautiful Eyes

OK, OK – it’s been said before, but flattery will get you everywhere. Any and every woman loves a compliment, no matter what the source. Of course, you don’t have to compliment her eyes, but eyes are a good, non-offensive body part to notice in a good way. You may think that she has a great body or nice legs, too, but saying so first thing may make you look bad.

Idea #3: Personalise

A simple yet effective opening message can also be very simple by personalising it with your name and a little something extra. “Hi from Sam x” goes a long way when it comes to getting attention. Yes, it does have the average, common “hi,” but it also includes your name and a little x for a kiss. This shows that you are sweet, and it also gives you a bit of personality that may draw her in.

Idea #4: “Me Too”

Read through her profile, and pay attention to details. If she has mentioned something that you and she have in common, such as a hobby or favorite band, consider mentioning this common interest in your opening message. Not only does this show that you have common ground, it also shows that you are paying attention to her and what she says rather than just admiring her photograph.

Idea #5: Buy me a drink?

Of course you aren’t asking her to really buy you a drink, but this opening line shows that you have a sense of humour as well as an interest in the woman you are contacting. Other silly, quirky lines are good at getting you noticed, as well – just don’t be cheesy.

Good luck!

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