Online Dating Conversation Starters

Congratulations! You found someone compatible through an online dating site and now want to strike up a memorable conversation.


Online Dating Expert
Online Dating Expert


 However, if you’re new to the online dating scene, it can often be a bit overwhelming working out what to stay to start an online dating chat. Here are my dating expert tips to creating a stress-free and unforgettable online conversation.

Be Unique

Making your conversation stand out is the key to having an online date want to meet you in person. Try not to use old and boring conversation starters that are known to be cliché. Stay away from asking about astrological signs, what famous person they’d like to meet and what their favorite color is. If your relationship progresses, you’ll find all of these things out eventually. You want to ask questions that make them really think, and questions that will really let you know what type of person they are. Try asking what their first concert was, if they’ve ever had pets or what they’re lucky object is. These conversation starters will lead to other conversations that will keep you both interested.

Try Playing a Game

 If you want to do something really different, ask them how they feel about playing an ice breaker game. This may seem corny, but it will make you both feel more comfortable while letting you get to know each other better. Try playing one of the most popular ice breaking game would you rather. This is a great game because no matter how many times you’ve played it, it’s different every time. Ask your date questions like “Would you rather win £1 million for surviving being dropped in the desert or swimming with sharks?” This will create a comfortable, funny and memorable conversation. If you’re not a fan of would you rather, try playing two truths and a lie. This game involves making up three statements about yourself, but the catch is one of them has to be a lie. The other person tries to correctly guess which one you are lying about. This is a great way to get to know your date and also learn some interesting facts about them.

Make Them Think

Don’t be afraid to ask some challenging questions. The more someone has to think about their answer, the more you’ll find out. By asking something a little harder, it shows that you’re not only brave, but clever and thoughtful as well. Ask them questions like “If you had to donate half of your money to charity, which charity would you choose and why?” or “What are the top 3 items on your bucket list?” These questions can act as a great entry into discussing more personal topics. Hypothetical questions are a smart way to get to know someone really well without having them become stressed or distant.

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Be True to Who You Are

If your online date is carrying the conversation and asking you the questions, don’t be afraid to answer them honestly. Answering honestly to every question is the only way your date will truly know if they want to pursue the relationship. If you feel like you have to answer in a certain way to make your date like you, they probably aren’t for you anyway. Act like you would if you were face to face, because if they want to meet you in person, you want them to be expecting the real you.

Online dating is fun and exciting. With so many people signed up, you’ll be able to meet people you never would have known before. While all of this is really exhilarating, you might be nervous when it comes times to actually talk to someone. By following these simple tips, you’ll be having the perfect, memorable conversation in no time.