The complete Disney “Princess and the Frog” Dating Interview


(OK, maybe just the one in Disney’s latest hand-drawn animation adventure)

The magic of love can catch us all by surprise. It will happen when you least expect it, but even though they say don’t, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to rush it. Unless of course you are a beautiful girl named Tiana, or a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again from Walt Disney Animation Studios latest animation The Princess and the Frog, in which case a brief encounter and a fateful kiss will seal your fate. For the rest of us however, let’s consult Dating Guru James Preece for some helpful dating and relationship tips.

  1. 1. How did you become a dating expert?

I have a background in acting and originally starting hosting at singles parties to help pay the bills. I then started working for dating companies learning how I could help people even more. Nowadays I help hundreds of singletons every week through my speed dating or singles parties, online dating company and one-to-one matchmaking services. Bringing people together is extremely rewarding and I’m very lucky to be able to help them do this.

  1. 2. Have you found your Princess yet?

I’m very proud that I’ve got so many couples together but it took me a long time to meet my own “Miss Right.”  This means that I’ve tried all the various forms of dating out for myself, so know how to get the most out of them, both from taking part and from observing.

  1. 3. So, in your opinion, where do the majority of women go wrong when looking for Prince Charming?

Many women like to create a long wish list of things they want in their ideal man.  If the man doesn’t tick all the boxes then they drop them and move on to the next.  While you definitely need to be clear about what you want, you must also be realistic.  For example, do you really need a 6ft 2 prince if you are only 5ft 1 yourself?   Don’t use the list as a defense mechanism to stop yourself from getting rejected.  Work out which things are deal breakers and which you can live with and you’ll have much more dating success.

  1. 4. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, but we know that this is not always the case. Do you believe in fate or do you believe we should be more proactive when looking for a partner?

I certainly believe in the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like and if you are happy and positive you’ll meet someone similar.  However, Fate needs a helping hand.  Remember that Cinderella had to glam up and go to the ball in order to find her Prince Charming!  If she’d sat moping around at home then their paths would never have crossed.   Get yourself out there and start looking and you’ll find him soon enough.

  1. 5. Can kissing change the nature of a relationship?

Absolutely. ….so be prepared for this and only kiss people you are attracted to!  Think carefully before you act as once you’ve kissed, it’s very hard to go back to being just friends. Kissing causes a chemical surge in the body, which can make you feel happy and excited.  It can therefore temporarily change how you are feeling but it might not last if the connection and emotions weren’t there from the start.

  1. 6. How many frogs is one too many? Should you at some point just settle?

You should never settle for second best as it simply won’t last. Instead, remember that every frog you meet is one step closer to your Prince. You’ll learn something new about yourself from each one. However, if there is some mutual interest then you should be prepared to give them a chance. Try and overlook the little things and look for the positives. The more you get to know them, then the more things you might discover to fall in love with.

  1. 7. It is not easy to break the ice on a date, however sometimes nerves give way and it is easy to become a chatterbox. When is a good time to stop “ribbitting”?

Be chatty but don’t tell too much too quickly.  It’s always better to keep a little bit of mystery about you. Men want to be able to sell themselves to you and not have you chatter on endlessly. It’s better to follow my 70/30 rule. Spend 70% of the time listening to what they have to say and the other 30% telling them about you. It’s a human nature to like people that take an interest in you so they’ll feel special and you’ll build attraction much more quickly.

  1. 8. What are 3 must-have characteristics of any ‘prince’?

Honesty.  This is the most important.  If he is open and honest with you then you will be able to build trust and will also know what’s on his mind.

Loyalty.  You need to feel loved, appreciated and that you are always on the same side.

Sense of Humour.   Life is all about having fun and he needs to be able to make you laugh and you both need to keep each other entertained.

  1. 9. What are the key signs of your prince turning into a frog, and not the other way round (as it should be of course)?

The biggest clue that your prince is becoming a frog is when he stops making an effort.  Be wary if he starts taking you for granted, slobs around or just doesn’t seem bothered.  If you see these signs, it’s not too late to turn them back.  Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions – it might well be that they have just become very comfortable with you.  In fact, after the first six months or so, the initial pheromone rush begins to slow down. You just need to calmly explain your concerns and give them a chance to change.

10. When should you know that it’s time to ‘leg it’?

If talking about it doesn’t work then it might be time to move on. You’ll know deep down when it’s right to end a relationship that isn’t working. Perhaps you aren’t feeling the same connection you once did or have realized you aren’t compatible.  It can often be an incredibly hard thing to do, but you need to take action if you want to ensure your long term happiness. Move on and start looking for love in new places. You deserve your own fairytale ending!

To see what really happens after the kiss, watch The Princess and the Frog, out in cinemas on (insert date) that puts a modern twist on a very classic story.  And for more dating advice, visit James Preece’s website and who knows, maybe Prince Charming really is just around the corner and you’ve just been looking on the wrong street.