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So you’ve found a guy you like

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Should you ask them out?

Many women ask me this question, so I’m addressing it in today’s blog. They’ve met someone who they really get on well with but they just aren’t taking the hint they are interested. They would love to go out for a drink with them should they be the one to do the asking?

My advice here is easy – of course you should!

There’s a common belief that women should wait for the man to ask them out.  But if you take that attitude you could be waiting a very long time. What if some other woman gets in first and ask him out while you are thinking about it? If you want something in life you have to take control and make it happen yourself.

Some women also assume that men don’t like it when women take the initiative or that by doing it you’ll come across as a ball breaker.

This is just complete rubbish.  The truth is that men are just as shy as women and are often scared of asking someone out for fear of rejection.  So if a woman makes the first move then this can be incredibly sexy and attraction.  It shows confidence, self belief and that they understand that a successful relationship requires effort from both parties.

So go ahead, ask them out. Even if they say no, you might just make their day.

Happy dating!

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