Mock Dates: Learn the Secrets of Having a Great Date

Do you have lots of first dates that never lead to second ones? 

Improve your Dating Skills
Improve your Dating Skills

This is a problem then many of my dating coaching clients often come to me with. They don’t have too much trouble getting a first date but they never seem to get any further. I understand how confusing and frustrating this can be.  You think everything has gone well and enjoyed their company but they disappear and you never find out why. It’s extremely disappointing after you’ve put some much effort in.

The sad truth is that you probably need to brush up on your dating skills. If you aren’t interesting or don’t know how to flirt then you’re going to spend a long time being single. 

Don’t worry – I have the solution that you are looking for!

As the UK’s leading Dating Coach, I offer a wonderful ” Mock Date ” service.  This is a session I arrange for you with one of my personally trained actors or actresses.  Once I’ve selected the right person for you, you’ll be sent out for a one hour practice date. During this time you’ll both act as if it’s a real date, giving you the chance to try things out and test your dating abilities. 

At the end of the date you can ask for feedback and they’ll also send me a report identifying key areas that you can work on.  You won’t need to be nervous as they aren’t going to be too critical.  They will just provide some useful insight and hopefully you’ll have a fun “date” with them at the same time. Dating is something you can learn, just like playing the piano or speaking a foreign language.  The more you do then the better you’ll get.

If you can’t come into London then this can also be arranged via Skype – so the practice dates are available to anyone all over the world.

Here are just some of the dating skills that you’ll learn to improve on:

  • Dress Code – What to wear
  • Rapport Building
  • Conversation Topics
  • Flirting Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Securing another Meeting

These sessions are strictly limited so if you’d like one then please contact me now to arrange your slot.  You can use the contact form at the top of this site.

 You’ll come away with new techniques and ways to dramatically improve your dating potential.  No more second guessing or wondering why things went wrong. 

Take charge of your love life!

James Preece is the Dating Guru – the UK’s leading Dating Coach and Dating Expert.  Visit his website here for more info about his dating coaching sessions and to buy his best selling online dating guide .