How to Attract a Woman

This blog is for all my male readers, but women will find it useful too.

Dating Coach
Dating Coach

It’s all about attraction.

For women attraction isn’t a choice, they either feel it for you or they don’t, it’s
that simple. If a woman doesn’t feel attraction for you from the start, they more
then likely never will.

You cannot convince a woman to feel attraction for you. Let me explain,

Just because you’re rich, attractive, successful, drive a nice car, take her to
fancy dinners, buy her expensive things, that won’t make her feel attraction for you.

I know, it’s not logical I get it, but women don’t choose mates on logic. They might say they do, but they don’t.

Women choose mates by their level of attraction they have for them (unless they are money hungry women after you for only your wallet) and not for what you can give them in return.

Men seem to think bribing women with gifts will make them fall in love with you, but it
has the total opposite effect, women see this as you needing their approval because you
don’t think you are worthy enough to date them without having to buy them things in

Why do you think so many women get into relationships with bad boys who treat them
terribly? Because these guys trigger an attraction inside these women. It’s not
logical, I know, but it’s a fact.

I’m not saying you have to treat women terribly to make them feel attraction for
you, but you don’t have to cater to a woman’s every need.

Women would rather date a poor guy with no money who’s charming, funny, cocky and just a
fun date then a guy who’s rich, buys them things and is stuffy and boring.

Women want what women want and you can either be what they want or be what they don’t want,
it’s your choice.

This blog isn’t about changing you to suit women, it’s about showing you that you don’t
need to do all these things to make women attracted to you, you don’t need to bribe
them, you don’t need to stress if one woman doesn’t like you, this is your life, you
choose who you date, not the other way around.

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Good luck,
James Preece – The Dating Guru


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