How to choose an online dating site

There are so many online dating sites

Dating Coach
Dating Coach

but which one is right for you?

As a Dating Coach and Dating Expert, I work with many of the best UK online dating sites.   It’s a fantastic way to meet a new partner but with 1000s of new sites opening up each month, it can be very difficult to work out which ones are worth joining.

So here are some very quick tips that will help you choose:

1)  Choose a busy, popular site.  There’s little point trying a new site that only has a handful of members.  Dating is a numbers game so make sure you pick a dating site that has lots of members in your area.  Ask your friends for their advice.

2)  Try a site that has it’s own mobile phone dating app.  More and more people are using apps as a way to log into their dating sites. It’s a fast, easy way and it can be done even when they are away from a computer.

3)  Avoid Free sites.    If they are serious about meeting someone, then they will pay for it.  Free sites are just cut down paid sites anyway, meaning you will have to upgrade anyway if you want to be able to do anything more exciting than send a quick message.

4)  Work out exactly what sort of relationship you are looking for.  There are sites for casual dating, friends and those wanting to get married soon.  You need to be on a site with people who have similar goals, or you won’t get many replies!

5) You don’t have to stick to one.   Once you’ve created a good profile and found some amazing photos, there’s no reason not to create basic accounts on a few different sites.   You can pay for a month at a time on one or two, then drop the ones that aren’t working.   Once you’ve found one that is working well, concentrate your efforts on that site for a longer period.

If you’d like more advice about which site to choose,  please take a look at my website for a complete guide to the best online dating sites :

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