Pro and Cons of Dating Younger Men

Age gap relationships are becoming increasingly common.

Dating a younger guy
Dating a younger guy

Generally, when a couple passes by that are a part of two totally different age groups, they cause a lot of heads to turn. In most cultures it is custom to be with a man or woman close to each other’s age. Culture does not stop everyone and preference takes over. It is common for older men to date much younger women, but an increasing number of women are enjoying being with a much younger man. These women are often referred to as cougars or the men as toyboys.  Like any dating situation, an older woman with a younger man faces just as many benefits as she does annoyances.

Best Things to Offer

The younger generation has a tendency to live more for today rather than planning ahead. This can become a negative, but for most women, it is what makes this dating experience so great. These men want to have fun and not be concerned with getting married, buying a house and having children. In addition to this, younger men are more likely to be spontaneous. There is no planning out, considering all of the options – If he wants to go on a random cross- country road trip, he is going to go! With a more go with the flow attitude, younger men always make for a great adventure and a lot of fun times.

Not Carrying Anything

Men in an older age group have gone through life and experienced most things. By this point they have had many breaks- ups, maybe even a divorce, children and anything else the mind could imagine. A younger man has not gone through any of this and will not for quite some time. This can help increase the fun since there are not any worries or anything slowing the two of them down.

In the Bedroom

At a young age everyone is at their sexual peek. These men are much more playful and experimental, especially in comparison to the older guys. Hence the name toy boys ! Furthermore, they have even more stamina, which allows for more pleasure and time. In this category, you cannot go wrong.

Finding Your Inner Child

If all else fails and nothing seems to be flattering this far, maybe tuning in to your inner child would be a nice change. This is not truly considered immaturity, but is better defined as a younger man having a lighter heart. They love being silly and fooling around. Not constantly being worried over everything could be a nice change.

Not Fun Play Time

Older women regularly feel as though they are playing the role of the mother rather than the lover. Rather than being in a relationship they find it necessary to help them with their needs and baby them. This can never lead to anything good and is not what being in the relationship should be about.

Empty Wallet

It’s sad to say, but dating a younger man often means that you’re going to have to pick up the cheque here and there. This is another break in common social paradigms, but perhaps you’ll be willing to overlook that.

There are ups and downs to engaging in a relationship with a younger partner. Not everyone is going to be the same, of course, but these are just general trends among younger men. What it comes down to in the end is if you can truly connect with your partner. If it feels right in your heart and your mind, forget what everyone else thinks and go for it!


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