How to move on after a Relationship Break up

Not every relationship lasts for ever

Ending a relationship
Ending a relationship

Many people search for a relationship actively for extended periods of time. Finding love for some is an ultimate goal in life and is something they find to be very important. Yet, even if one travels around the entire world and finally falls in love with the last person they meet, the relationship can always falter. You may need to end a marriage or break up with someone. All of the time and effort that may have been put in to it is now lost. There is nothing else for anyone to do, but walk away. Moving on after a relationship break- up can be one of the most difficult experiences a person has in their life, but life does go on.

There are a few basic rules and ways to move on from this tragedy in your life. But, they must be followed or you will find yourself getting upset once more.

Take a Break

What is done is done. After much fighting and now that both of you are exhausted, just walk away. It is best to give each other space rather than drag the ordeal on. Nothing positive can come from an elongated argument. If one person feels as though the relationship is doomed and that they cannot advance, maybe you should take this into deeper consideration. Each party needs time to think without the other saying anything. This is a good time to collect your thoughts, calm down and truly take a look at your life.

Settled Down

The first couple of months after a break up are always the most difficult. After it has been settled that the two of you will no longer be together, it is time to rebuild and reshape your life without that person. Now is the point where people realize how codependent they may have been on the other. It is a time of individualism – not finding a rebound. Reconnect with yourself and discover the things that used to make you happy. They still will, and you will notice that life without your significant other is not so hard after all. Going out with friends will not only keep your mind off of the ended partnership, but will also boost your mood and rebuild the lost ties you once had. During relationships many people often forget about their friends as they are lost in love. Getting your old group of friends back together regularly can help time fly right by.

Months After

By this point your feelings should be subsiding. Going out with friends helped your brain and time has healed your heart. It could be alright by this time to try getting back into contact with your old significant other. See how they have been and how they have handled the relationship. If you do not think that you will be able to keep your new self intact, reaching out to this person is not a swell idea. Keep yourself distant until you feel as though you will not want that person back.

Love is wonderful, but being in a relationship not meant for you is pointless. It may be difficult to move on, but it is possible if you do it correctly. Surround yourself with things and people you love and rediscover yourself.


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